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Travel trips, tourism information ideal for plan travel abroad from America to Africa to climb mountains and wildlife safaris.

Countries in South America like Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile travel to Tanzania for vacation holidays and adventure travel.

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Tourists need to travel to Tanzania need local expert Travel guide and Tour Coordinator. This will make sure tourists get reliable quality services like 4 x 4 game drive safari jeep, comfort safari lodges, climbing mount kilimanjaro trip and best selection of beach resorts at cheap prices.

Climbing kilimanjaro tours need early preparations like know how weather, climbing gears, kilimanjaro trekking routes and acclimatization time planning.

For success and comfort Kilimanjaro trekking acclimatization can be done before hiking or within climbing tour. On arrival in Tanzania, mountain climbers can stay at a Lodge or Hotel at slopes of mount kilimanjaro. Spend one day to make walking,trekking around small hills to exercise,preparing muscles and expand breathing of lungs. Visit waterfalls coming from volcanic rocks at slopes of mount kilimanjaro. All these brings your body to become used to local kilimanjaro weather.

Andrew Mathias (B.Sc. Wildlife Management) was born at slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, climbed kilimanjaro several times. Worked at Beach holidays in Zanzibar, and worked at Tour Operator in Arusha Tanzania. Traveled to Kenya national parks and know all tourist destinations in Kenya and Tanzania.

Andrew Mathias is a travel writer and Travel consultant/Tour Coordinator and Guide for wildlife safaris and mountain climbing. Travel Agents and International Tour Operator are invited for Tourism Business partnership.

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