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World Travel Tips

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 (A) Travel, vacation holidays to Tanzania.

The most stunning tourist attractions in Tanzania are those natural resources available in Tanzania which are unique and found only in Tanzania.
  1. Mount Kilimanjaro National Park: The highest mountain in Africa 5895m/19340ft, with its peak covered with snow throughout the year. It is a volcanic mountain and easier mountain for normal people (without technical expert) can climb successful. There are six routes named Marangu, Rongai, Machame, Shira, Umbwe, Londrosi/Lemosho. You can climb through one of the routes to the Summit.
  2. Serengeti National Park, with the Great Wildebeest Migration, Kopjes (where cats hide there), Great Rivers like Grumeti (where crocodiles survive), and large plain.
  3. Ngorongoro Conservation Area (Ngorongoro Crater). – NCA: NCA is often called ‘African Eden’ and the ‘Eight Wonder of the Natural World’, Man and Biosphere Reserve.
  4.  Zanzibar spice Island (Unguja and Pemba).
  5.  Selous Game Reserve.
There are more details on selected Most Top Tourist destinations, go on reading.
B) Adventure Activities to be done in Tanzania.
  • Safaris, wildlife safaris. This is a tour to National parks and Game reserves to view wild animals, plants and geographical features like Rivers, Lakes and so on.
  • Climbing, trekking, and mountaineering. Mountains Kilimanjaro, Meru and Oldonyo Lengai
  • Walking Safaris, birdwatching and ecotourism. Nature lovers would like also to go deep to come close to nature.
  • Night game drives safaris, canoeing safaris. This is another optional safari in Tanzania.
  • Beach holidays. Tour to areas with beach for swimming,snorkeling, scuba diving, dolphin tour, fishing and water sports. Zanzibar island, Mafia island, Dare salaam and Pangani Tanga coasts. Also Lake Victoria coast.
  • Cultural Tourism: to learn their custom and tradition and interfere with local people. Example Maasai in Ngorongoro Crater and Chagga near Mount Kilimanjaro.
(C) Helpful travel Tips and information about Tanzania.

Exclusive, new dimension helpful info-travel tips for tourists moving to Tanzania.
Currently many people from abroad/overseas are seeking information about Tanzania.
These people are Tourists/Travelers, Investors, Business people, Researchers, Students, and other group of people.
Luckily, there is National Website which is;
How to get in to Tanzania; Several major Airlines get into Tanzania;KLM, Condor Airlines,Swiss International and Ethiopian Airways get into lands at Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA/JRO) and Dar es salaam International Airport (DIA) daily.British Airways, Qatar Airways, Egypt Air,Emirates Air,  and Swiss Airlines lands at DIA at least twice a week. Most Airlines starts have connections to USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. Flight tickets varies depending on holiday season and also Airline.

Other Airlines are South African Airlines (SAA), Emirates, YEMENAIR,Oman Air, Qatar Airways, and Kenya Airways.We have domestic flights network covering all tourists’ destinations in East Africa.Air Tanzania, Precision Air, Zan Air, Coastal Aviation, Regional Air and other small charters.
TANZANITE: Have you heard of Tanzanite Gemstone/jewel? Undoubtfuly you have heard. Tanzanite is a famous and most beautiful blue gemstone found in one place and only in Tanzania. Tanzanite jewel is found sold many places in most countries in the World. When a Traveler get chance to visit Tanzania is high time you have a good luck to purchase Tanzanite in relatively low prices. Just consult your Tour Operator to help you find registered Gemstone Dealers or Jewel Agents.
Immigration: VISA application and requirements.

 An onward ticket and sufficient funds are required when entering Tanzania. Visas required by all visitors except citizens of the Commonwealth, Scandinavian countries and the Republic of Ireland.VISA can be obtained at Tanzanian Embassy Abroad near you, Online VISA application or at point of entrance at International Airports of Dar es salaam, Kilimanjaro or Zanzibar. The visa fee depends on the type of passport held. A visitor’s pass is required for all travelers. This can be obtained free from any Tanzanian diplomatic mission or point of entry. It is advisable to get one before you leave home.

When to Visit – Tanzania High Season/Peak Season or Low Season.

June to December and Jan to March are season in which many tourists, travelers, adventurers, nature enthusiasts,mountaineers visit Tanzania in large numbers. This is the period in which Tourists take vacation holidays from their job so that they can visit Tanzania. This are best months to visit Tanzania because weather is conducive and is a season where many wild animals can be seen easily.

Climate and Weather of Tanzania.

Tanzania has a Tropical climate. The central plateau is dry and arid with hot days and cool nights, while the north-west highlands are cool and temperate. June to August is the cooler season. There is no winter here. Temperatures in northern Tanzania range between 60 – 70 degree Fahrenheit during the day and 40 -50 degree Fahrenheit at night from May to October. From November to March, the day –time temperatures varies from70-90 degree Fahrenheit and from 60 – 75 degree Fahrenheit at night.The ‘long rains’ are from March to May and the ‘short rains’ are between October and December. The hottest months are between October and February. On the coast, it rains in November and December. From March to May, Coastal areas are hot and humid although sea breezes cool the area pleasantly between June and September.Safari

Dressing What clothes to wear or take

 While on Wildlife safaris or wildlife lodges and country hotels, the emphasis is on comfort and informality. For ladies light, easy to wash, drip –dry blouses, skirts dresses, light khaki trousers and bush jackets go well. For evenings, light dresses or trouser suits are suitable. For men, drip –dry casual shirts, short khaki trousers and bush jackets are ideal. Evening attire in towns can consist of light suits or long sleeved shirt and tie.Bright colours should be avoided while viewing wildlife. Visitors to Ngorongoro are advised to carry a pullover as it can be chilly after sunset. A bush hat or a scarf for protection against the sun and dust is a must. It is very useful to carry a pair of sunglasses, insect repellent, suntan lotion and a flashlight.


 Usually language might be barrier for Intercontinental travel. How ever several well recognised languages International languages are spoken. Many tourist destinations, hotels, lodges have guides and staff who speaks English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and more. In Tanzania many Tour companies have driver guides who speaks multilanguages from German, Italian,Spanish,French and more.


Photographic safaris, Tanzania is best country for photographic safari, with best pictures for wild animals, scenery and mount kilimajaro

 It is advisable to ask a permission before photographic any event relating to certain tribes like Maasai, Hadzables, Datoga. These tribes are very conservative and have maintained their original traditional customs. They still do primitive pastoralism, wild fruits gathering and wearing local made materials covering part or half of body.

Some Government Institutions and Organizations don’t allow any photographic action to them or near to them. These are Military Camps and Bank of Tanzania just for security purpose.When on the road and hear traffic hail don’t continue driving or walking, if you have the car park aside or if walking step aside. This is the signal that the top Government Leader is passing like President, Vice President and Prime Minister.
Mountain Climbing-Kilimanjaro, Meru and Africa safari packages- Price fluctuations;Park fees entrance to National Parks and Ngorongoro Crater fees has increased but still there is only slight change of price for Travel Packages. I hope most of you is aware of this price changes.

and Ngorongoro conservation area (Ngorongoro Crater)

Health: A yellow fever vaccination certificate is essential if arriving from yellow fever infected areas. Anti-malaria tablets are recommended.
Take prescribed drugs a few days prior to arrival, during your stay, and for a short period after returning. Boil or sterilize drinking water and milk. Cook or peel vegetables. Private health insurance is recommended.Currency; There is no restriction on the importation of foreign currency. Foreign currency can be changed at the bureau de change which offer better rate than the banks. Insurance; you are strongly advised to have your own insurance cover to cover baggage, personal accident and medical expenses.
Tipping; Tipping is not obligatory. Tipping is at the discretion of the visitor and the following should only be used a guideline.
PORTERAGE: US $ 1.00 per bag.
DINING ROOM STAFF: US $ 1.00 per person.
Driver Guide; US $ 15.00 per day.
Mountain climb Guide; US $ 15.00 per day.
For outstanding personal service, you may decide to give a higher tip.
Helpful travel tips on safety and security
Tanzanians are generally very friendly people. We would like you enjoy your stay in this country therefore
  1. Don’t change money in the streets even if you are given a good rate as you might be cheated. Go to bureau change. Some Tourist Hotels operates Bureau De Change.
  2. Don’t go to too cheaper Tour Operator the services might be too disappointing or vehicles used can broke in the middle of safari, or poor accommodation or any mishap pens like any cheating. Just try to compare prices, and choose, accept the standard prices.
  3. Always ride in registered taxis
  4. Don’t take fastest buses.
  5. Never walk unaccompanied at night in poorly –lit streets or along deserted streets.
  6. When shopping in streets bazaars, always bargain. However some prices e.g in restaurants are fixed and you might be mistaken for miser if you start bargaining.
  7. Always choose a guest house or lodge that has a working telephone.
I hope above information will give you hint on how to ask specific questions:
I will be glad to suggest about 5 or more Local Tour Operator. These are Legal Licensed Tour Operator. Then you can write email to them and get different packages and prices for Comparison.
These Tour Operators are member of Tanzania Association of Tour Operators and Recognised by Tanzania Tourist Board.
How ever you can also get travel costs like Transport (4WD) jeep safari car hire cost, National park and other entries fees, accommodation on various park/game lodges, and any others.
Please continue reading the blog for other information like details of specific Tourism destinations and welcome to post your comments and emailing me.
Gemstones, Tanzanite Jewels bargain prices in Arusha – Tanzania
AAA+ Gems of East Africa based in Arusha Tanzania selling high quality: Tanzanite, Green Garnet, Alexandrites,saphire, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, Rough and cut gemstones.
It is one stop shopping centre for gifts,culture,crafts and tanzanite for tourists,travelers who visit Tanzania for vacation holiday activity like wildlife safaris,Kilimanjaro climbing or education, research,volunteer trips.
In addition, the Cultural Heritage Center on Dodoma Road offers jewelry and gemstones as well as local crafts. Being located strategically in northern circuit safaris route, it is easily accessible.

tanzanite mine visitor centre, mererani mining site tour,tanzanite museum and Shanga all situated in Tanzania, where visitors have the opportunity to learn about the history, mystery and rarity of this wonderful and unique gemstone.
Purchase tanzanite directly from the source!
Freelance safari guide, Tour leader, Travel Consultancy will show you around Arusha.

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Travel Directory

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