Travel tips on Kilimanjaro climbing gears

Climbing mount kilimanjaro travel tips
Travel tips useful for kilimanjaro climbing tours include climbing gears and kilimanjaro trekking routes.
Kilimanjaro ascent in comfort and success need preparations like climbing gears and reliable information on weather and how does it cost to climb kilimanjaro. Ascending Kilimanjaro is adventure trip which is easier, non technical compared to other 7 world summits. Travel tips and tourism review will help you plan enjoyable kilimanjaro trekking adventure. Hike kilimanjaro with peace of mind and determination.


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Kilimanjaro trekking gears are as follows:
Large Rucksack with 70-90 litres capacity (carried by porter)
Daysack with25-35 litres (for personal use on mountain; ready-access items)
Sleeping Bag (minus 15 degrees Centigrade rating or colder).
Diamox (Acetazolamide) if you choose to use this. (just as emergence for Altitude sickness).
Warm Clothing
1 – Waterproof Jacket, breathable with hood
1 – Insulated Jacket, synthetic or down
1 – Soft Jacket, fleece or soft-shell
2 – Long Sleeve Shirt, light-weight, moisture-wicking fabric
1 – Short Sleeve Shirt, light-weight, moisture-wicking fabric
1 – Waterproof Pants, breathable (side-zipper recommended)
2 – Hiking Pants (convertible to shorts recommended).

1 – Brimmed Hat, for sun protection
1 – Balaclava, for face coverage (optional)

Hand wear
1 – Gloves, warm (waterproof recommended)
1 – Glove Liners, thin, synthetic, worn under gloves for added warmth (optional)

1 – Hiking Boots, warm, waterproof, broken-in, with spare laces
3 – Socks, thick, wool or synthetic
3 – Sock Liners, tight, thin, synthetic, and worn under socks to prevent blisters (optional)
1 – Mud Gaiters, waterproof (optional)

1 – Sunglasses or Goggles
1 – Poncho, during rainy season (optional) November and December.
1 – Water Bottle (Nalgene, 32 oz. recommended)
1 – Towel, lightweight, quick-dry (optional)

1 – Sleeping Bag, warm, four seasons
1 – Sleeping Bag Liner, for added warmth (optional)
1 – Trekking Poles (recommended)
1 – Head lamp, with extra batteries
1 – Duffel bag, (waterproof recommended) for porters to carry your equipment
1 – Daypack, for you to carry your personal gear

Trip Receipt
Visa (available at JRO)
Immunization Papers
Insurance Documents.

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