Tanzania safari credits increase as Serengeti National park voted best safari park in Africa

Serengeti National park voted best Safari park in Africa.

Last years, Tanzania was rated best safari country in Africa. Serengeti being voted best safari park in Africa increases credits of Tanzania safari value. Natural wonders Africa also picks 3 natural wonders from Tanzania among New 7 natural Wonders Africa. Doing Tanzania safari in these natural wonders make your escape from town hustles and bustles be a holiday destination of lifetime dream. Serengeti National park, Ngorongoro crater and Mount Kilimanjaro are natural wonders Africa 7 wonders. Things to do are walking safaris, nature trekking, maasai culture, 4 x 4 game drives safaris, Balloon safaris Serengeti, canvas camping outdoor travel, masai tribes bomas Ngorongoro Conservation area Nainokanoka village and climbing Kilimanjaro trips.

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