Ecotourism and responsible travel ethics for Tanzania Tourist destinations

Ecotourism-nature wildlife safaris in Tanzania.

Ecotourism is a responsible travel whereby tourists seek to visit natural unspoiled tourist destination, without causing environment destruction. Travelers enjoy the tour and also support local community around the tourist destination.

Ecotourism is a green and clean travel for benefit of present and future generation.

Travel responsibly in Tanzania, help conserve nature and help local communities flourish.
You can make a Kilimanjaro mountain tour, visit waterfalls, wildlife viewing, Kilimanjaro trekking, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, and walking safaris, e.t.c. In Kilimanjaro slopes, do horse riding for scenic sight seeing tour.
In Mount Meru, you can climb it for 3 or 4 days, walking safaris around Momella Lake or trekking to Ngurdoto Crater. Do Camel safaris and cultural tourism with Maasai people.
Visit Rift Valley East Africa including Lake Manyara, you can do biking, waking safari or trekking.
Ngorongoro Highland and Forest is within Ngorongoro Conservation area,has a lot to offer for tourist learning and enjoy nature.
  1. Trekking to Olmoti and Empakai Crater
  2. Walking with Maasai donkeys to Bulati
  3. Visit natural waterfalls
  4. Game drives in Ngorongoro Crater.
If you have more time, you can extend to visit Engaresero waterfall around Lake Natron, trekking Oldonyo Lengai. Explore natural rhythmic wildebeest migration in Serengeti national park in Tanzania. This safari tour in Serengeti can be of 2 to 4 or more days to visit every place and see maximum wild animals there.
Below is how to help Ecotourism in Tanzania.
  1. Choose wisely – make sure your Tour Operator/Travel Service provider is reputable, and if is doing better to help protect the environment and help local people.
  2. Stay in Country Lodge, owned locally and hence benefit local people.
  3. Visit Tourist destinations in a part of few people. This is to make sure you don’t damage the environment. Avoid mass tourism.
  4. Visit natural virgin –unspoiled tourist destination to experience importance and benefits of green and clean travel (Ecotourism).
  5. Do not litter or remove anything from Tourist natural areas you visit. Just leave your footprint and take your photograph.
  6. when you visit water sources like natural springs, waterfalls, rivers, lakes e.t.c then do not pollute-leave it clean for other people and next generation.
  7. Never touch, chase, harass, harm, hurt or kill any wildlife or marine life.
  8. Visit local villages, learn and experience culture, buy some local made handicraft and curious like baskets, table mats, wall mats, Hat e.t.c. Make sure they are environmental friendly. If possible donate some $ to support education or health projects.